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First of all, thanks to the pureref team for making such a wonderful tool! A function that I think would be useful is a basic pen tool, so that we can draw notes on top of references. For example, if you were studying anatomy you could load a whole bunch of photos into pureref, then map out the muscles. You could do this in photoshop, but it requires a lot more rearranging and such before you have a nicely-arranged spread of images.

Maybe the pen could be bound to a keyboard shortcut to toggle it on or off, like how you press 'b' and 'v' in photoshop to switch between the brush and move tools.

Thanks for hearing me out!

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Great idea, I also recommend this. So far I have to switch to Photoshop to do this all the time. I've tried draging and droping png shapes lines and arrows but is just very crude and long. Curently what I do is just write my notes on photoshop and once I'm done with my notes I take it to puref
Sorry for the slow response, we have had some issues with the forums not notifying us properly.

Drawing is definitely something we want to impement in future versions of PureRef and it is great to hear from you what your different usecases are so we can implement it in a good way!

Unfortunately we don't have any estimate on when you could expect this feature though, but we will do our best.

Thank you very much for the suggestion.
hey guys, any update on that,

This would be a great feature!
Hi guys. Just thinking, how even greater this tool would be. Right now I search for a tool that combines the ability to fast assemble & arrange a bunch of images and doodle on top and save it. Not for making nice paintings, just a rough marker or even a line tool would be enough to make PureRef the best and FASTEST sketchdowntheideaihave tool that's out there.
I spent some time searching the web for something similar but there is nothing comparable in terms of speed and flexibility. Sure, we need this to stay lightweight.. maybe a PureRef+ that´s a bit heavier but offers a few additional features.

Hi. I have been using PureRef for its intended use (gathering up reference images for an art project) for a while and I am very happy with it. But recently I found another use case for it - Its great for arranging screen captures of code snippets and editor when debugging a huge Unity project (im also a programmer). In both cases the ability to draw annotations over the images would be a huge help!

So thats how I found this tread. Please shed somelight on if we can expect annotations to be added to PureRef at some point?

I think at first it could be just very simple draw tool without transparency or fancy brushes etc. Color selector (and maybe ability to write texts) would be nice.
Hi, I'm a technical artist in the games industry and this tool has just blown my mind for ehanced desktop type functionality. There are just a few little things that would dramatically improve the utility of the tool without sacrificing it's elegance or simplicty.

Being able to manually draw simple lines is one such feature. Vector arrows and shapes would be really nice too. But doodling alone would add so much value!
I don't think this feature will be implemented, switched to miro anyway!

Any update on this thing? It has forever been pending with the same answer copied and pasted from different threads covering the same topic. As artists being able to point out and draw on parts of the image can be essential tool to communicate specifics with more precision.
Notes are great but you have to explain what you want to allude to on the image, where as with drawing we can circle an area and just type a text next to it.

The abiguity on the answer keeps us always thinking if they will or not implement it but I have to say it has been for so long sinsce 2017 the first comment was made on this thread and we keep getting vague answers.
Charge us if you have to, but at least you coudl clarify with a yes or a no if this is going to get implemented so we can act accordingly in the search fro an alternative.

Is a great tool, but Miro seems to be the tool to go where that can be done.

It´s a shame how you are letting this die,
They definitely don't about the feature or do not want it, after 5 years it's sad that such a basic feature hasn't been implemented. I actually switched to Miro after finding this thread.
Sorry for the long wait, we've just released a beta of PureRef 2.0 that adds support for basic drawing. You can download it on the download page if you want to give it a go! You can read more about the feature here: https://pureref.com/handbook/2.0/features/#drawing
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