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Would be great to snap imported photos to other photos on the board. Maybe use SHIFT to do so, beside horizontal and vertical alignment?


aylameridian Wrote:
> Super love PureRef but it would be so wonderful if
> there was a grid that images could snap to. I
> would just like some tools to help me make my
> boards look neater. The way it is now I spend WAY
> too long manually neatening up my boards.
PureRef does have some neighbor snapping support using Shift + Space + Left mouse button, is this what you're looking for? Read more here:
Bumping this thread because I'd love to see this feature implemented as well. I think that using Shift + Space feels somewhat clunky. Maybe make it a toggle in the options\right-click menu?
Also, it would be really good if image corners would snap to neighbour images during resize too. And maybe an ability to disable the snap by holding Shift or Control?
I think Photoshop has a similar functionality.
I second this. Check out Miro's snapping, it works amazingly well for having everything tidy
A visible grid made of customizable color would look cool. White or gray by default.
I like to use shift-space to align something, but then I want to scale it until they're height-matched. I like even rows.
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