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tldr: Please make the code opensource so other people can improve it and fork it inside other projects, for instance Obsidian.md

Long time user of this amazing tool for designers, long enough to remember when it was opensource.
This has been my magical secret tool I use almost everyday while working and I do not hesitate to recommend to anyone I can.

That being said, I have recently started documenting my projects inside an amazing note-taking tool called obsidian.md
However, all the canvas/whiteboard like features are mostly targeted towards writing rather than managing multiple images.
Which means I can not easily add 40 or 100 images into the canvas and work with them at a high resolution without using all my computer resources.

It would be perfect if it was possible to integrate pureRef inside obsidian (or other applications), and perhaps also let other people work on backlogged tickets/issues.
I am not asking to develop any additional plugin or tool, just simply open the source code to the public again.

Thank you for developing such a great tool.

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I completely agree. This is a fantastic tool and it's a pity that development has ceased. I can understand why, as it's not their core business, but making it open-source would allow for the tool's advancement without any cost to them.

There are other tools, like Miro, that are on the path to substituting this one, but they probably never will because they're focused on something else. They also have many heavy features and shortcomings that the developers simply don't care about, for example, image quality, light mode etc.
Development ceased on PureRef? Ouch.
I'm looking for an alternative to Milanote. Currently looking at the free for personal use 'Obsidian' which has a nice canvas plugin. If PureRef had more versatile text fields and txt files (like Milanote) it would be the one killer app for artists and writers.

Edit: After a few days learning the software Obsidian is the killer app!
Of course PureRef is still the best tool out there for artist reference & moodboards, but Obsidian has everything Milanote has and MUCH more versatility, and it's FREE. It's got like a thousand (really) free plug-ins that give it endless functionality and customization. I'm using it as a writer's wiki for worldbuilding, and have also started doing the actual writing in it too, over my beloved Scrivener. It has a learning curve ( a few days to really get going ) but I can see myself using this platform for years to come.
My reply to the OP is I think either PureRef integration with Obsidian.md will happen, or someone else will make a free Obsidian plug-in that adds PureRef type functionality to the Obsidian canvas. It's all good!

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