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One thing I would love is the ability to store images that have been downloaded from a url in a local directory and then link to them from the PureRef file. The directory would be configurable per PureRef file. These local files are also removed when the image image is removed from the PureRef file.

Motivation: The PureRef file is essential to my workflow and I like to version control it. This means a rather large commit to my source control system of choice every time I add an image to the file. I would much prefer that each image is stored separately and thus the commit size is just the size of the PureRef file and the new image.

Thanks for the awesome product!
I totally second this, I just found PureRef its so good I want to use it all the time but I can't commit it with my project files.
The closes parallel for this feature I would say its like making a canvas in obsidian and added the images. It creates a .canvas file which is just a JSON with relative links to images in the folder plus x,y etc. I think TOML is easier to read but json is pretty standard.

Love the product and thank you for supporting linux as well!
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