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I discovered PureRef recently and I have to say that I love it to organize images.
After few month of using it, I would like to share you some suggestions to make PureRef easier and better :

1) Add "Tag" feature : it would be really helpful to have the possibility to add a "Tag" (little colored dot like in MacOS) in the corner of the image ("which image corner" and "tag size" and "zoom size depending" could be defined in preferences) to "mark" some images and have a quick "visual sorting". Because for now, the only work around I use is to create a note over the image, but it's not really a good way to keep things organized. (instead of the dot, it could be a simple colored border around the image (with color and width parameters)

2) Add "Rating" Feature : Like the "Tag" feature above, it could be very helpful to have the possibility to add a visual rating on an image (1-5 stars like in Windows Explorer), in a corner of the image, or above, below (to defined in preferences)

3) Add "Group / Ungroup" feature : It could be very helpful to have the possibility to group / ungroup elements, so that you can move several elements at the same time and keep things well organized (this feature should also replace the "copy/paste linking" bug that is really annoying). And It could be very interesting to have the "border feature" I described above available for groups (have a colored frame all around the group of images)

4) Have a "Normalize and Align" feature, both at the same time : for now, we have to do it one after the other

Many thanks for your attention.
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