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r-click -> insert text component -> double click on empty text component -> being to type

r-click on image -> add label -> cursor is already in label text component so you can start to type -> enter to complete + exit label editing / shift+enter for next row
I just found the note feature. I guess my label suggestion still stands though. Thanks for the Notes!
I would like to ask for a small addition to the notes. When I click CTRL+RIGHT my cursor moves to the end of the word instead of the next letter, which is very helpful. But what I would really like is that when I press the UP arrow, my cursor moves to the beginning of the entire text and when I press down, it moves to the end of the text, no matter how long it is.

It's a very small detail, but as someone uses this every time they type, I would love to have this in PureRef as well.
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