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Format reference:

Open-source plugin that I use in other programs (and in my JS project, to avoid errors in handwriting the quite small bit of logic there is):

I had some big images in BMP for speed, as reading them from HDD was faster than decoding big PNG.
Some time this year I converted them to QOI, which loads faster than PNG, saves considerable amount of disk space, and unlike PNG is further compressible for cold storage by 7z and such.

Recenly I loaded one *.pur that referenced some moved or converted files.
Folder/file relinking feature works well, but one image was one of those QOI, which is not yet supported in PureRef.
I restored a BMP copy for the time being.

Unlike all the currently "web-approved" formats like WebP or AVIF, if there is some format for local references worth adding, I think QOI is one.
I hope it does get added to all popular web-browsers and image editors at some point too.
Asking the developers would be the first step anyway.

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We've just released a beta of PureRef 2.0 that adds support the QOI format! You can download it on the download page if you want to give it a go.
Confirmed to work in 2.0, thanks!
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