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Hey folks, thanks for taking the time to read this - I have a nasty habit of building really large canvases, e.g. based on a topic I'll round up a bunch of stuff I should ever realistically need to, say, reference a certain proportionality, style of rendering, a bunch of different examples of a given fluorish, that kind of thing. I also have a habit of keeping a couple canvases open at once, because the loading times between them tends to climb pretty high after a while.

Naturally, this means my poor GPU begins to chug after these canvases start climbing up past a gigabyte in size - I understand that's on me, I'm not going to ask for some impossible optimization or anything like that; however, something to help me optimize my own canvases would really come in handy

I've noticed PureRef has the handy option to downscale images to a certain size when you add them, but could we also have a way to downscale a selection of images, perhaps relative to how much I've resized it on the canvas? That is, if I place an image at max res, then shrink it on the canvas and hit this downscale key, it resamples it to whatever fraction of the original size I've made it? I have a lot of higher-res images I'm sure I could downscale to help get this all optimized.

In addition to that, would it be feasible to add a feature to resize all the images in a given selection down to, say, the average, or reduce anything beyond a certain canvas size down to a given maximum? That'd help me get my notes properly-sized, and more importantly, work really well in tandem with that manual resolution downscale I mentioned.
That's a great idea, it wouldn't hurt to potentially stream the content and purge content out of shot past a certain culling diameter (that could be tweaked by the user to suit their needs/system) for example. Appreciate it would have its limits but with the combination of fast SSDs/system memory + GPU memory in most cases this might do a great job of treating a hard ceiling for resource use.
Agreed - I keep a lot on hand but keeping it all straight requires a lot of fiddling and I don't really need images to maintain their resolution after I've shrunk them down. I guess if I could have everything I wanted it could keep the source file on hand, unloaded, so that even after downsampling if you decide to size it back up it can resample to the higher resolution.

Beggars can't be choosers though, just kinda pining out loud.
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