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I LOVE overlay mode, it's made working on my surface laptop with references nearly perfect. But I feel a feature is missing to properly utilize the feature.

At the moment, overlay seems to make the image canvas the whole screen, which is fine, but if you have a ton of images it's a problem.

My current solution is just stacking them and shifting through them, but i think the more ideal solution would be the option to hide other images. Maybe I could select one or multiple and select "Isolate" hiding the rest of the images while in overlay mode.

This would make focusing on one image on a smaller screen much easier. While utilizing the great overlay tools.

Thank you!
+1. If I have 10 images in a canvas, it would be great to choose which ones get 'overlayed', or be able to open/close images individually, by window. I'm a brand new user, so maybe there's already a way to do this?
I'd like to put in a vote for this also. Selected images for overlay is a great idea!
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