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It would be cool to do a similar function as in zbrush: window transparency (see-through).
Thank you.

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There are multiple ways to do this in PureRef already! Check out the color settings in the settings window. Either you can use the Glass preset(Alt + 3) or the master opacity slider(Ctrl + +/-) or just customize every color one by one. You can also enable mouse transparency to be able to paint through PureRef while it is transparent(Ctrl + T).

Please check out the about page for an easy overview of all features we have currently. The keybinder in PureRef is also a good way to discover what it can do!
i am using a MACOS SIERRA
THE keypads for increasing opacity does not work!! Ctrl + +. only the decrease Ctrl + -
what the heck??!!! this is wasting lots of time from my working hours
can someone please help
this was an issue for me too, i read in some other forum post that you have to reset the key binding and it'll map as C+= then it'll work, it did for me
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