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Hi, first thank you so much for providing such an awesome tool, it has been revolutionary for my work!

Working with pureref for many different purposes / amounts of images I would sometimes wish for some of the preference settings to be file-based (or that there would be a possibility to override global default settings for individual files). E.g. the embed function, the autosave function and the downscale function would be really nice to be able to change depending on what I need a pureref file for.
→ e.g. in one file as a reference for a painting I might need really highres images that I don't need to be embedded (and autosaved) since they are already saved on the stationary device, but another file which I use as a reference / inspiration dump for a project would profit from having auto-downscaled, embedded images and being autosaved so that I can just grab the file to transfer to another device.

Thanks again!
I second this!

When I work for myself I don't want to embedd pictures, but when I work for clients I have to enable embed on those files.
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