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Hi, Pureref didn't click with me until I realized that I could use it as a "desktop enhancement", where I have it always running at the back just over my desktop. I've now purchased the software.

I thought that Overlay mode was perfect until I realised that you lose the infinite zoom functionality.


When pressing ctrl-y to turn on and off overlay, the whole canvas loses it's position which is really annoying.

What I'm looking for, is an overlay mode with infinite zoom, so that I can benefit from being able to click on desktop icons, while still using the awesome canvas features of pureref.

Alternatively, please could you make the "transparent to mouse" have two settings. "Whole Canvas transparent to mouse", or "background only transparent to mouse".

I believe either of these approaches would provide the functionality that I am looking for.


(ps - arrows for flowmaps would be really cool)
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