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As almost every program I use now supports darkmode I find that applications blend together visually much more than they used to. I often can't see where the PureRef window borders are and and finding the corner to change the windows size is more of a challenge than it should be. So I would like to be able to have a 1 pixel outline around the entire window, and to keep everyone happy I suggest you can change it's colors and turn it off. That's all :)

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Great app, thank you for your hard work Dev team!

I came here to post something along the same lines. Pureref is great for grouping screen grabs while performing web app testing for documenting key stages/process/flows etc but I'm finding the Pureref window is blending into the browser BG and the I don't want a border on the screen grabs (all white) and just application window so settings would change to:

Application Border [Colour]
Application Border [PX]
Content Border [Colour]
Content Border [PX]
You can find settings to change the main window border color under Settings -> Colors -> Border Color. Read more here: https://www.pureref.com/handbook/settings/#application-colors
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