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Hi to all,

I noticed that in PureRef there isn't still the possibility of distorting images at the moment, unfortunately it's not usable for me (I think that I'm not alone) because of this lack. To fit the overlays correctly over my images, that comes in a different proportions, I should distort them.

At first I didn't understand, I thought I didn't understand which option or shortcut should be used to remove the "aspect ratio" stuck in image resizing, but then I realized that it is a limitation of the program. So you can't resize the image by distorting it (basically a "free resize"), without preserving the aspect ratio. It is usually one of the most common operations to perform, any program that works with images has it. Indeed sometimes at the limit is the lock of the aspect ratio to be optional during resizing.

I really hope it's possible to implement this simple feature also. I noticed also that a similar request was already done over 2 years ago:

"This is unfortunately not possible currently. PureRef always keeps the original ratio of the images.
Thanks for describing your use case, we'll note it as a feature request and see what we can do for future versions of PureRef!".

At the moment however in the current version of PureRef this feature is still not implemented. It should be easy to add this. For example, it would be enough just to add to the already present four handles placed in the corners of the transform gizmo also four points in the center of the four lines of the selection image rectangle that can then allow to distort at will, in the four directions, the image. I repeat, strange that it's not already present...

So I would like to kindly ask to the devs if it is possible to add this feature in the next release. Thank you for your work and time!

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what can I say...hopefully someone from developers will read and be able to implement this further option.

Unfortunately the software is no longer updated since 2020, I am afraid it has now been abandoned,what a pity if it was so...

The possibility of resizing without maintaining the proportions is NOT an irrelevant feature, I find it strange and incredible that it was not present since the first version of this software. In any case we do not lose hope, who knows. If others also want the possibility of "free resizing" to be added (I at this point would say "corrected", for me it is a "bug" that was not present right away...) please write here on the forum too so at least we show that it is needed.

Thank you all and the developers
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