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While using the (default) mouse button to pan around the canvas, I believe it would be a great feature to have this unlimited panning effect where the borders of our monitor do not restrict us from continuous panning by stopping each time it reaches the end of the screen.

In more detail, once the cursor reaches the bottom of the screen (or top), it would 'teleport' to the parallel side continuously, as it reaches the edge or similarily from side to side, maintaining the flow of panning across large canvases full of goodies without any interruptions!

Also, potentially by clicking a keyboard key or key combination (ex. Space Bar), would align the view either back to the centre of the canvas, or where the view has last been left off.

This unlimited panning effect is found in the Blender software by Blender Foundation, which is absolutely phenomenal and I believe PureRef would find this feature as a great benefit!

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Great idea. This panning feature is always welcome in any software I've encountered it.
Blender has this and I can't imagine it without it.
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