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I'd love to use PureRef to organize large amounts of reference material, textures etc. The 2d canvas paradigm is pretty powerful because iẗ́'s easy to remember where things are in relation to each other. However, since all images in a PureRef project appear to be loaded into memory at full resolution, RAM gets maxed out pretty quickly.

Would it be possible for PureRef to autogenerate smaller LOD thumbnails of images for display when zoomed out? Also, maybe offload images from RAM that are not near the current view of the canvas? In principle, I think you should be able to have arbitrarily large projects this way, provided the imlpementation can be made smooth enough.
We've just released a beta of PureRef 2.0 with a new streaming system that offloads images to disk to drastically reduce RAM usage. There is a new setting called "Performance mode" to control which resource that should be prioritized. You can read more here: https://pureref.com/handbook/2.0/settings/#performance-mode . The "Cache on disk" mode will lower your RAM usage by a huge amount but use a bit of temporary disk space.
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