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First of all, thank the author for developing such great software。I have previously used another software very similar to this software, snipaste, screenshots and maps, which are similar to reference images. I think it would be better to add screenshots. At the same time, I hope that they can be temporarily hidden when selecting a reference image or displaying all of them. For example, there are reference images when drawing, But I also want to find some other reference pictures on the Internet and put them in. I hope to hide them directly or show them again in the process of finding them instead of reducing the whole window, because when the reduced window is restored again, the shortcut keys on other web pages or other software have expired and can not be used, It would be more perfect if I could display the selected reference diagram separately and hide others. At the same time, I hope to add Chinese language。If it can be the same as snipast, you can directly feel the software or directly close the computer without saving any scenes. It will be better to save the pictures in the original location or the original pictures when you open the next time. Some functions of this software are better than snipast. You want to zoom with the mouse as the center.If you can combine these advantages, it will be even better

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