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Hey there,

I am writing this here after doing a bit of research on other available options.

------Important bit-------
I have been using the app for about 8 months now, found it on youtube. A lot of fellow 3D artists have been using it. I mainly use Pure for collecting images for references. The more the merrier, however, my pure file size has gotten a lot bigger. There is currently an option to put the pictures in the folder and then import them back into Pureref. The problem with this option is when I import them back, they are imported out of order. I have collected stuff in a specific way (I assume a lot of other users do that as well).

It would be a lot better if pureref had a data folder related to the file we work on, also an option to export/unlink the images to that data folder. this will help with the file size. Pureref just needs to remember where that particular picture was on the canvas.


Something like Pinterest where it just remembers the link to the original file but keeps a small thumbnail on the main canvas. when you want to see the original file you just click on the thumbnail and it fetches the actual image.

Another thing that would be great is the ability to write notes using a pen tablet. To remember or explain stuff to people especially clients.

Thank you for making this application, great help. I actually thought this was open-source and was going to hire someone to make the set of features I have mentioned.
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