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Just wanted to bring up a feature I think would be a good addition to PureRef. A slideshow feature (not necessarily a -literal- slideshow :B ). Sometimes I want to just use PureRef as a wall with images to draw inspiration from, rather than purely as references, and to me a slideshow on the side works better in that aspect.

You can already focus on one particular image and then go between images with the arrow keys. Just making this function be automatized would be enough.

Not sure how much work there would need to be put into making that work, but thought I'd put the idea up here.

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Thanks for the suggestion! We're not sure how this would be implemented in a good way without bloating up the functionality of PureRef but we will consider it while adding new features for an upcoming version. It should be fairly easy to implement but we need to consider if it follows the design paradigm of PureRef.
Throwing myself behind this! If it's possible to make something simple, like, 15 second, 30 second, 45 second, one minute?

I throw my figure refs on Pure boards and such a feature would be awesome for, say, daily gesture drawings.

Also if too much, a command that randomized the next selected and focused image?
I'd like to back this idea too. Current solution is to save all the images to a folder and run it in another program.
'Slideshow of selected' would be far more convenient.
I was just thinking that a feature like an automated cycling through the images / slideshow would be huge.
Select Images I'd like to cycle through, press shortcut key for "Cycle / Slideshow" (call it what you want.)

Those images now just loop through on a set period of time, which the duration itself is customizeable in the settings.

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I just wanted to add my voice to this request -- my art computer is currently Linux so the current workaround is to export all images to a folder then use the GNOME file manager's slideshow feature which adds a ton of extra time and extra steps.

This sort of feature is especially great for when you drawing on paper and want your reference images to be cycling through on the monitor across the room.
Thanks everyone for chipping in with use cases and ideas, we can't promise anything yet but we'll look into if this is something we can add in a future version!

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This is now available in 1.11.0 via Alt+S, and the interval can be changed in the settings. Please let us know if it works for you!
It works perfectly--simply implemented. Thank you devs.

Edit: 8/9

Add a Random Slide show option.

I just realized that any given selection of images, there's a set order. Wether it's 5 or 50 images--if I select a group of images, deselect, and then re-select them again, I will get the exact same order of images.

If I have to stop/pause the slideshow for any reason, I don't want to have to cycle through X number of images to find where I left off.

Also, sometimes you just want a random order.

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+1 for random slide show

sometimes you just want to zoom into one image and continue the slideshow but it always starts from the first one.

But awesome feature just give us the option to make the order random ;)
+1 for Random order, that would make the feature perfect for stuff like fast gesture exercises
I wanted to display a slideshow in Pureref today and found out that it was just recently implemented. This is fantastic!

The slideshow works fine, but it stops due to autosave. So I can turn off autosave before starting the slideshow, but it would be better if I could reduce that effort.
@umiyuki: Thanks for reporting the autosave bug. A fix for that along with some more improvements to this feature will be included in the upcoming version of PureRef.

Thank you for all the great ideas, if you think of more things that are missing, keep adding them here!
Very happy to see this feature added. How does it go about setting up the sequence? It appears to go by selection order on selection - but when nothing is selected is it sampling by space somehow, such that you could control the slideshow via how the images are laid out?
I love this slideshow feature for gesture drawings and times studies; a randomized option would only make it better!

I think there needs to be some sort of visual cue that the slideshow feature is running as well. In it's current state it is difficult to know if the application is in slideshow mode or not, and this can be a hassle when the slideshow is running on longer intervals

This is a great feature still! I will be recommending the app to fellow artists that do gesture or quick pose practices!
I agree with this, i also want Random order, especially cause if you want to pause and check the image, you also cant continue it from there, it restarts at the beginning with images you've already seen
We've just released a beta of PureRef 2.0 that improves the slideshow a bit with a toolbar and optional timer. We also added randomize and you can now manually reorder images using the new Hierarchy view, read more here: https://pureref.com/handbook/2.0/features/#hierarchy. You can download it on the download page if you want to give it a go!
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