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Just wanted to bring up a feature I think would be a good addition to PureRef. A slideshow feature (not necessarily a -literal- slideshow :B ). Sometimes I want to just use PureRef as a wall with images to draw inspiration from, rather than purely as references, and to me a slideshow on the side works better in that aspect.

You can already focus on one particular image and then go between images with the arrow keys. Just making this function be automatized would be enough.

Not sure how much work there would need to be put into making that work, but thought I'd put the idea up here.
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Thanks for the suggestion! We're not sure how this would be implemented in a good way without bloating up the functionality of PureRef but we will consider it while adding new features for an upcoming version. It should be fairly easy to implement but we need to consider if it follows the design paradigm of PureRef.
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Throwing myself behind this! If it's possible to make something simple, like, 15 second, 30 second, 45 second, one minute?

I throw my figure refs on Pure boards and such a feature would be awesome for, say, daily gesture drawings.

Also if too much, a command that randomized the next selected and focused image?
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