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Software doesn't support color profiles (*.icc) on Windows 10. I can't use this soft for color reference.

Pls fix it

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It has been mentioned on other threads that they are using Qt as the backend and sadly that doesn't support any awareness regarding what color profile the current image is in.
I work on an iMac and just copy pasting a screenshot from a monitor to PureRef on a window on the same monitor next to it distort the colors massively, related to the color profile being considerably wider than the source image and all that.

I just hope that the Qt libraries finally implement something on their side so that it would cascade to everybody as it is multiplatform.
We've just released a beta of PureRef 2.0 that implements support for embedded color profiles. You can download it on the download page if you want to give it a go and see if it helps for your use cases!
Ain’t that fantastic news! Will give it a go, thanks a lot.
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