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Thank you for all the work you've done until now.

The idea would be to have the ability to create tags that can be applied to multiple images (e.g. : scenery, snow, sunset..).

You have a tag list on the left where you can create new tags, and drag and drop them on top of an image to tag it.

Since you have the tag list on the left side, if you double click a tag, it changes the canvas to a new tab, where only the images containing that tag appear.
(also being able to change the color of a tag or add a description would be really neat.)
It'd be incredible if you could also select two or more tags and only show the images containing those.

For each tag you would create a new "tab" or collection, which you can also rearrange and manage as you can in the main canvas.

If there is any way I can support I'll be glad to help

Thank you again and have a nice day.

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