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I have PureRef project A open. In the settings I have import values of max width and height set to 1000 px. I import a few images and close the file.

From last week I have PureRef project B where I have imported images with max width and height values set to 3000 px. I open this file and when I import an image, the max values are 1000 px, not 3000 px. Which means the value is "global".


"Auto downscale large images" is essential to keep the PureRef files optimized and low in file size the more images are in them. It's a hassle to remember and change these values in different PureRef files. I'd like to see PureRef files remember what import values are set.

By import values I mean the "Auto downscale large images" -section.

Thank you!
Just a +1 to this, but also; it'd be great if you could apply downscaling to specific images within the canvas from the context menu. Like maybe only 3 images need to be a lower resolution but you want one really high detail one. :)
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