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Hello! Thanks for making this useful software!

For me it would be very handy to have something like a "Window Mode" in the Mode options.
In this mode the window would behave like a normal software window with the "close" "minimize" and "maximize" buttons in the left (or right in windows) corner and a drag bar.
Often I want to minimize the window or drag it around or just close it. Of course this is possible by shortcuts/menu bar/right click but it would make the workflow more easy to me if I could use it just like all the other apps I'm working with.
I see that the "PureRef-way" makes sense for that kind of software. I just noticed that I need to switch to that system in my mind every time I want to take a look at the reference images. Searching for a minimize button or drag bar which is kind of a distraction to me. Probably I'll get used to that but it would be very cool to have that option.

Don't know if this is something that can be implemented without getting into conflict the current system. But it would be nice!

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I joined the forum to request this as well - sometimes it can be so confusing to switch to pureref from another software because you have to mentally change how things work. Being able to set a "normal window"mode or something would be a really good idea.
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