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Sorry if this has been implemented and I just don't know about it or if it's been recommended before.

I think this would be a great quality of life addition. Here's a real case scenario I've run into quite often:

It might be a niche thing for me but what usually happens when I do freelance for 3D sculpting, I have around 50-150 images per project. Whenever a new project introduces itself, there's usually some good anatomy references or other helpful images I've found during that project that I would like to preserve into a new file for the new project. I believe it would be great to have a "New Scene with selected images" option for that case as it would save time and energy.

I understand you can just export images and pull them into a new pureref file (but I find that process a little slow and creates unnecessary image files that you will end up deleting later), or just select the images you don't want, delete them, and save as a new file (however, I don't think there's a way to invert the selection so if I only want to grab 10 images out of 200, this would be a little difficult or tedious). Exporting the images as an image scene is also not as ideal for me just because I would still like to move individual images around.

Similar to this, though not as important as the other option, would be an "Export selected images to file/scene" or "Export selected images to recent file/scene." Again, it saves the hassle of exporting images to a folder you will end up deleting after the pureref file is created. Even an option to add a pureref scene would be useful, in my opinion. There could also be an ability to drag and drop a pureref file onto the scene, which could prompt the options 'Open scene' or 'Add to scene' and even a tick box for "don't ask me again" if they prefer it to default to one or the other.

I understand that this option may take more work than the other because of all the complications of writing to a file (like making sure you don't destroy/corrupt anything in the process or placing the images corrected so they don't overlap with the others in the scene) but this may be something to consider. And about keeping the Menu UI clean, I think both of these could easily be fit into one of the submenus or just be a standalone.

Lastly, I want to thank you guys for making a great program that's free. I've recommended it, nearly every time, whenever beginner artists online or other students ask me for help in improving their art. It's been a very necessary tool in my daily life and I really appreciate it. I'm fresh out of University so once I get a full-time job, I will be donating to you guys for all the help you've given me. Regardless if you guys implement my suggestion, keep up the great work!
I think this feature would also be great. I also work on a project with 150 images and then focus in on something and only need 10 images or so from the original batch.

Alternatively, a feature such as "Make new PureRef" instance in the menu bar would be super helpful and solve this too.

My current workaround is to open another instance in terminal and copy paste. Instructions on how to do that are in here: https://www.pureref.com/forum/read.php?3,761

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