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Hi, Just want to say great product, works so well and has made chunks of my workflow much easier.

I use pureref in a lot of my demonstrations and tutorials, live in university and on youtube. I can have all my images in one place and avoid the need to hunt through folders and switch windows as i explain the topic.

I often have groups of images on the canvas at once, separated by topic, it would be great if pureref had the option to create a frame around selections, much like you can with nodes in programs like Substance Designer. This could be a separate action (like frame selected) or the ability to expand the note box out.

I have searched to see if this is hidden somewhere, and i'm sorry if it is!

Thanks for this gem of an program.
Looks like this seemingly simple feature has been requested for 6 years now ;_;
Any plans to add this in the future?
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