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Would it be possible to create like a nested folder structure inside pureref itself?

it could just be a folder to keep the images a bit more organized

if you doubleclick on it you go inside the folder and can organize it seperatly from the main canvas.
You can drag an drop images in a folder/group or take them out.

alternativly you could also make each folder inside pureref its own pureref file
->You have the master pureref window, in that you create a new "folder" or "group" which could actrually be a different pureref file with different images inside, but still part of the master window (but saved seperately perhaps?)
This is interesting I think. Nested pure ref files could be neat even if it just worked as a link to that file that opens it in a separate window.

I think with the concept of grouping, we could separate it into some low level handy features and some more advanced ones and I'd put your idea above more in the advanced category.

I do think however simply being able to group and ungroup a selection would be great. Right now things can be parented to others based on what you have selected when doing a certain operation, but then you can't unlink them (I think?). I'd love to be able to group images, notes, and anything else and interact with that in various ways, which I'd consider more of a low level/basic concept.

I'd love to request adding this and possibly adding the other concepts on top or evolving them with extra features like that.
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