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If I leave a pureref file open with many files eventually it becomes EXTREMELY sluggish, taking 30 seconds to move the canvas, if not more.
If i re-open this file there is no more sluggishness.

I know i can close a folder and reopen it, but i have many pureref files, so it would be easier to just be able to "refresh" the current scene with a dedicated function.
I'm sorry i thought I was in the suggestion forum

could you please move this?
You can quickly reload the current scene with Ctrl+Shift+L, or in the right click menu under Load -> Load Recent -> ...

However it sounds like something is wrong. The performance should not decrease over time. Could you help us troubleshoot to try to pinpoint the problem?

Which OS, OS version, and PureRef version are you using? Could you check if PureRef's memory consumption increases over time?

There's a few settings you could try to help us narrow it down: Do you have auto save enabled? In that case you can try to disable that just to see if it helps. Other than that you could try to disable the fading of the transform gizmo as that was something someone else on the forums had an issue with recently.
Latest Pureref version 1.11.1

Using Windows 10

I dont think the memory consumption increases.

My assumption was that Pureref maybe even unloads memory, but then has trouble reloading it when i try to move around the canvas.
Because when i reload with SHIFT+SCRL+L (thnx) my load increases by a lot even tho it was open. I am fine with the unloading of ram, but maybe there should be an option to keep it loaded, or to reload more smartly

I do have autosave enabled but usually there hasnt been anything happening for a while since i leave multiple instances open

some however are files of 2-4 GB (i have 64 GB RAM so i have enough)

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