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It would be cool to have some kind of thumbnail and a large preview in windows explorer, as we have in multiple graphic formats. This would allow to see the content of multiple files before to open them. I have a increasingly large collection of pureRef files and sometimes takes effort to find the correct file.
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Yeah it would indeed be useful, we will look into it!
I'm having the same issue, it would be really helpful to have thumbnails of PureRef files in windows file explorer.
I see this post was originally made back in 2015, is there any news about it? thanks advanced.

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Unfortunately we haven't made any progress on this one yet. Some follow up questions if we start looking at it: Would it be helpful to have a thumbnail of the scene? It feels like it might just be too small and all scenes would look the same? Or would you like to be able to specify the image to use as a thumbnail? Or maybe some other solution entirely?
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I was suggesting thumbnail and preview. The preview from all images could be seen when selected the image in explorer.
I understand the thumbnail can be confusing if displays all images. Perhaps the solution is to make the thumbnail only from the selected image or images.
Yes, the thumbnail could be of a selection of images in the pur file, eg. once the pur file is open, RMB in it could show an option like "make selected imgs the thumbnail of pur file", so when the pur file is saved, it gets that thumbnail set before.
But even if that is not possible, showing the thumbnail of all the imgs is still very usefull, I say so, cuz that's what I've done with several ref boards made in PS, n saved as JPGS, you can tell the difference between each other by the shape n color of the overall array of the imgs.

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