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Hey guys,

This is from a concept artist, working in the games and animation industry.

First off thank you so much for building such an amazing product. It is so easy to communicate complex ideas quickly and efficiently. This is something I will be definitely working with for years to come.

I was wondering if you guys were working on any online versions of it, where multiple users can contribute to Pureref documents? In the work that we do, we often have different artists/producers/directors working from different parts of the world and we often felt the need to have something that we can share but keeps updating. I understand there is stuff like google docs, and excel sheets that offer a somewhat similar experience, but the efficiency and speed of Pureref especially for the art industry is very handy.

Let me know what you think,
That's a pretty old comment but I'm looking for something like that aswell
If you found any alternatives please let me know :)
Check out Figjam. Made by the same people as Figma and is very similar to PureRef in regards to an infinite canvas you can just drag stuff into like images, works really well with grouping and adding text etc.. I mean, Figma is pretty highly regarded in the UI/design industry so it's pretty flawless software with zero learning curve.

Nothing will ever replace PureRef for me as it's just fast and free place to throw stuff when I'm researching. But we've been using Figjam for larger projects that involve alot of different people. It's free however you are limited to how many 'boards' you can make, but those boards can be infinite and you can invite as many people as you want to collaborate on a single board. I think it's a cost per user which mounts up if you have a lot of people collaborating, but you can invite as many people as you want to just view the board for presenting or whatever.

I doubt the guys developing PureRef will do this though as it's not their main focus (hence free) and to do something like this you'd have to charge just for secure hosting, then you have support services, liability and basically running a business.
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