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Hello. I spontaneously thought of a small improvement that would make the tool even better.

Copy and paste is already possible. I use the tool e.g. to take screenshots from different sources. One source e.g. is a video. It would be great if I could just press the "PrintScreen" key on my keyboard, add the picture to the canvas using "Paste" (this part is already working) and now crop the picture for example with "Ctrl-" to the relevant area. Possibly you can check in the options whether the cropped image should be saved in the cropped or in the full version.

But such a "quick crop" function would be superb.
Oh i'm such a newbie.

It's already inside. Just press the "C-Button"
A thousand times sorry.

Please just delete the thread.
No worries :) We'll look into making the crop tool more visible! We would love to know how you found it after all though?
I think PureRef team is a genius for implementing this very intuitive method. I almost want the same functionality in all my cropping tools! Good work!
Dont delete this thread, this made my life easier
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