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It would be nice to be able to export the selected images as scene (or similar) instead of separate images. When exporting as a scene now, it'll contain every image on the board, and not just the chosen ones.
This would indeed be useful, we'll see what we can do for future versions of PureRef! Have you tried using Ctrl+C to copy the selection and then pasting it in some other program? Is that result what you would expect from this action as well?

Thanks for the suggestion!
Fully agree--I want to be able to use my phone/tablet as a companion device for accessing a projects reference folder from its cloud storage location. Without a pureref mobile viewer app (which is its own suggestion) I should be able to specify the dimensions / resolution of exporting out my whole scene of images, that way I can make one huge image of the canvas as I've laid out the images, able to pinch and zoom on my phone with ease.
I Agree - A LOT.
I make huge reference boards - for instance the one I made for anatomy. I found that I can consolidate a section, the one for 'hands' for instance, by copy/pasting the many separate images onto a new, empty board, then exporting as a single image. Then I can replace the original group of 150 + images with the single image. (I keep a copy of the original board as backup.)
If I try to export the entire original 'Anatomy' board the resolution suffers, so it must be done in chunks. Tip: if you do this, hit 'Ctrl + O' to optimize before 'export as scene'. Also crank the quality to max.
The benefits are many, including file size for loading speed and not needing to lock the board. New images can be added as usual. Also, sometimes I find there's a group of images that belong together in a larger group, I combine them into one so the auto arrange feature won't scatter them.
With the option to 'capture selection as scene' it would streamline the process, without having to use a surrogate board.
Thanks to PureRef for this most excellent tool!

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