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Currently GIFs can be added to any PUREREF file, but the animation is ignored. First frame is displayed as a static image.

It would be amazing if PUREREF would honor an animated GIF's animation.

There's currently no efficient way (that I'm aware of) to view a collection of animated GIF files and see their animations.
If supported, GIF animations may be toggled off by default to maintain current default functionality - Right Click>Images>Selection>Toggle Animation

See screenshot--> https://i.imgur.com/yN2UOam.png
Here I've quickly dumped in a handful of animated sprite GIFs. If they were to animate, I'd be able to easily see all animations and compare them.

Additionally, it would be useful if animated GIFs could be slowed down or sped up, too. Preferably by a percentage.


I feel that by more fully supporting the GIF format, it could help push PUREREF into a new corner of the market.
While I doubt PUREREF would ever support video files (MP4, AVI) or 3D files (OBJ, FBX), it seems reasonable to support animated GIFs at this time.
Thank you for the suggestion! This is something that we hope we can get fixed for an upcoming version of PureRef so keep your eyes open for updates!
Yes, please. We need this feature badly.
I've been using PureRef for almost 3 years now, it has sped up my work by a lot, not only for storing references, but also for organizing myself. This feature is something I've been wanting for a long time as it'd be great for my animation projects as well.

I decided to donate just a few days ago because even though they still haven't implemented my top most wanted feature :P I still think they have done great work this year (the new notes are awesome) and I really want this software to keep improving.
Yes, this is what i'm looking for a while! Please make it available for us!

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looking forward to this
It would be a very helpful feature to add! looking forward to this!
I only started using Pureref a few days ago (after seeing it mentioned in an Unreal Academy learning module) and it's been amazing. Just throwing my card in the the hat here with a request for animated .gif support. Keep up the fantastic work.
That would be a really cool feature (.gif, .mp4, .webm).
I would love to have gif and mp4/webm in a form of gif (no interface, no sound, just looping)
Any movement on this feature request? This would take the software to new heights.

Animated GIFs can convey certain types of information that still images cannot. This would definitely be a useful feature.
I use PureRef all the time, even when I'm just looking at images in my free time. For the longest time I've just wanted to replace the default image viewer in windows with this. If you guys can add the functionality of a .gif into PureRef then I can finally just replace the default photo viewer with this and then just use it 24/7.
+1 to this. I bought in the hopes it could do that. I will gladly donate more if this feature is added.
+1 this would be a really useful feature. I'd love to be able to play, or scrub through the frames of a gif
+1, If donations are needed i would gladly help, this is a quality feature i would be willing to pay for!
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