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I really enjoy using this program, but I basically I want to know if there is a way currently to downscale multiple images existing in the canvas and change the resolution of the image (imported a 4k image to change it later to 1k size), and not have to reimport the images after changing the auto downscale large images in settings.

I have PureRef files with multiple images from different folders, and it takes a while to reimport the images in a scene (especially if it has 200+ images). So I want to optimize my files by scaling the resolution of the images already in canvas. Unless there is already a feature like this?

"Scaling" an image down (ctrl + alt + click) in the scene, doesn't change the resolution. Which is good in some cases, but its would be nice if there was a scale resolution toggle"? or something like it?

Otherwise, this is a great program, I do also wish there was a open image in another "linked" programs (like xnview, irfanview, photoshop,etc.) or something like it?

Thank you for reading the suggestion (if you did)

just in case, my machine has
CPU: ryzen 7 1700 8 core,
GPU: gtx 1070 gpu
RAM: 16gb ddr4 3200hz,
Thanks you for the suggestion! It would indeed be useful with some kind of "Apply on current scene" button for the auto downscale setting. We'll see what we can do for future versions of PureRef!

The "Open in..." option is something we have on our backlog but haven't gotten to yet, so thanks for letting us know it would be useful to you.
I have a similar request.

I imported a folder with a lot of images in .webp format. That's 15MB in total. When I save the scene (embedding all these images into PureRef file) it comes out to be 200 something MB. It doesn't matter what format I imported, the file size is always huge when saving it as PureRef file.

Is there anyway to just copy these imported images as they are (without changing anything about the image) and use PureRef file as a container (sort of like a zip file?) to keep these images. When clicking on the PureRef file container, it will run PureRef and load all the images in the container?


When saving the imported images, give us the option to set the compression and image size, cause right now it seems like PureRef is exporting these images at maximum image quality or saving it as BMP/PNG.

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There just needs to be another kind of scale that scales the actual image data and not just the representation on the screen.

Either do it visually, too, but that might be confusing, or just have a popup where the user enters a percentage to determine how much to scale the image down (while retaining the same size visually) and maybe a button to use the current display_size / image_size ratio as percentage. Call it "Optimize Image"?

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I REALLY need this option as well! :(
I have a huge pureref file and it would just take forever to reimport everything because some of the images are just too huge... really really looking forward to an update adding this "apply on current scene" option

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