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PureRef is great to collect images, design and play with them! I use it sometimes to sort images in a certain order, for example selecting the best designs and bring them into a line of images, best on the left side, less good ones on the right. Now it would be cool, if I could select those images and export them with a new file name convention and a up counting number. For Example: Project_Character_0001.jpg, Project_Character_0002.jpg....
The numbers should be generated based on my visual sorting inside of PureRef, left images start with 0001, next one with 0002 and so on, maybe based on internal coordinates. That way Supervisors can prepare their favorites, send them out to a person creating a Powerpoint in that same order.

thank you
Thanks for the suggestion, we'll note it down and see if we can do something like this the next time we get to improving the image exporter!
Agreed! It would be great to export in order of arrangement and to other file types for supervisors to view research.
Hi, Is this now possible in the newer version of PureRef? Just want to know if this update has been done and if possible how can I do it?
It looks like it is possible now. Save > Export > Selected Images then in the override name option you can enter the sequence number with %0.

BUt the ordering is not working. I arranged my images from left to right and the sequence order is totally random after exporting.
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