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Guys, sometimes i have a big reference sheet and there so many images so sometimes i begin to add a duplicates. So it will be cool if there be a feature that can show me similar images and give me an opportunity to remove them from sheet one by one or all of them at the same time.

And it will be cool if there be a search by file name feature as well.

Sorry for bad eng, and thks.

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Image comparisons are quite a complex topic an would probably take some time to implement in a good way, so we will probably not add this anytime soon. Showing and searching for file/source names however might be useful though. Thanks for the suggestion!
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Not a fan of necroposting, but I figured I should write here since I have a similar suggestion here:

My suggestion is more about detecting the exact same image, not a similar image. That would be a lot more manageable, as it's just comparing bytes, meaning you can easily find a duplicate as most images will already be filtered out if you just check the first few bits.
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