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Hi there!
The idea is to be able to scale text box in a way that 'Free Transform' option in Photoshop does when Alt and Shift are pressed (the pivot point is in the center, but you can adjust height and width).
While scaling, text automatically fits the text box [Word Wrap].

This could be achieved in PureRef by selecting text box and pressing Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Drag.

Feature like this would be very helful and save a ton of time.
Please consider implementing it.

While we're at text editing, there also could be a very simple option to open links in default browser.

Thank you and cheers :)

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Agree — I was going to email in a suggestion for this feature as well, but decided to first check the forums to see if it was already mentioned.

Here's how I wrote it:
Ability to drag out text boxes and have text stay within box size when pasted, so that users can add long notes (paragraphs) without having to line-break manually.

Also like the live link suggestion — both would be incredibly helpful!
Thanks for the suggestions! Improving the notes is something we hope to be able to do for a future version of PureRef so we'll keep your suggestions in mind when we get to it!
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