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Hi, this might be a silly, unfeasible request, but hear me out,

I love to create mood boards for music projects as an inspirational tool, but as it stands, I need to have Pureref save files for each FL Studio save file and open them separately. It would be cool if I could open Pureref as a VST plugin within FL Studio and save it within my project.

I'm not a programmer so I'm not sure if this would be easy or too difficult, but would anybody else be interested in something like this? Maybe if Pureref were released as a VST plugin, it would generate interest in the software from a totally new market?
Reading this caught my attention big time even tho I don't understand exactly what you need to do. What you are asking is quite crazy, to be honest. Why would you need PureRef to open as VST in FL Studio? What do you use the mood board for making music realtime?

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Idk why you'd dismiss the suggestion as crazy. I mean, I get that it's a bit too niche to seriously consider implementing, but I described my needs adequately in my original post, so it shouldn't be hard to understand.

Maybe having PureRef as a VST isn't necessarily the way to go, but I'd like some way for a PureRef save file to open with an FL Studio save file. Is there a good way to go about this? I'll ask the FL Studio community too. Maybe I can save a link to the PureRef file within the FL Studio save somehow.
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