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I find the title very self-explanatory but it would really be awesome to run PureRef in Overlay Selection mode on startup since i use it only in this mode over my Photoshop screen.
Also some improvement could be made to this mode, like a permanent (maybe always-on-top) floating icon that can be used for that purpose where you would just drag an image over it and it would add it to the scene.
Pairing Pure ref with an already full desktop can be very challenging at times, but i do love the application and don't plan on leaving it behind.

Also being able to "hook" PureRef to another application so it would open/close together would be AMAZING.

What i do right now is that instead of running PS directly i run it through a .bat which opens a scene on PureRef with a .png of the app logo on my favourite position and then presses Ctrl + Y so it "starts" on my favourite mode.

Anyway, thanks for the amazing job!
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We've added a setting for this called "Default window mode" in the upcoming version of PureRef so keep an eye out for that!

For the other suggestions; we'll see what we can do in future versions of PureRef. The option to hook it on top of a specific application would indeed be very useful.

Thanks for the suggestions!
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