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I would like to make request for Canvas Preset & Custom Dimensions.

Preset would allow us to set / use preset canvas ratio and dimensions which would make great use for making presentations for different kind of output. Also the ability to set custom dimension would also be welcomed.

Applications like photoshop, illustrator, indesign and many more have these kind of preset like print, web, display, video.

In addition to this it would be nice if we had canvasses. Like artboards in photoshop or illustrator.
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The idea of PureRef is to provide a limitless canvas so that you only have to care about sizes when exporting the scene. Could you give some example on how this would be used?
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Well currently resizing canvas works weird. One needs to move objects around and than the canvas auto adjusts its size. W can narrow the canvas with a command, thats is handy. But there is no input for resizing it.

I think a lot people use this app for presentations. So if we can have preset canvas size and custom input for dimensions this would help and take extra work needed to crop in an external application.

Another thing which i mention was multiple canvasses. You could see this as one big canvas with either sub-canvas which are limited by either the preset sizes or custom dimensions.

Is this explanation clear of do you need images as example?

as images say more than words. Here's is an example of artboards from photoshop. See them as canvases in 1 single file.
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Here you see current method, everything is one single canvas or artboard. i would love to be able to divide them

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