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I realized this wasn't a feature after having looked for it for a while, and I feel it would help a lot with organization.

I have canvases that are usually pretty extensive. At the very top, I have references for heads. As you get lower, it goes to shoulders, chest, etc, all the way down to feet. To the right, I have arms, and further right I have hands.

While this works decently as a method for myself to organize things, it would be helpful to have a draggable "frame", similar to how grouping nodes in Blender or Substance Designer works. These are lightweight and can be named, and all images in the frame can be dragged simultaneously by dragging the frame. The frame is described by a border or drop shadow and a selectable background color for that specific frame.

A good aforementioned example of this working successfully would be in Blender's node interface, which could be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuGJ_PDwOPI

By doing this it would greatly help artists intuitively group and find images they're looking for faster, especially if it's a canvas they reuse often. Hopefully this is considered for future iterations of PureRef!
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Hi there!

This would actually be quite useful for what I suggested lately as "Presentation Mode" and these two concepts might combine just nicely!

Blender's node interface seems to be a very good example!
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Grouping is definitely something we want to add to PureRef so thank you for describing your use case and the detailed suggestion. And thank you for the link, as we all know it is great to have some references for your work :)
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Love this idea
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