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As a photographer, I've been looking for a good way to quickly sift through my images and pick out the ones that I want to edit and then reorganize and save them in a particular order, preferably with an incremental counter as the filename output (ex: img 1, img 2, etc.)

I would absolutely pay for a program like this if it supported large format image files (my Canon shoots .CR2 files) and/or lets me drag to rearrange the pictures, and let me batch save them in the order that I arranged them with the same filetype or maybe even just a jpg or png (maybe let me set the max dimensions on each side too?) with an incremental filename.

As a side note, I love this program as it is and want to extend a thank you to the team that is giving it out for free; you guys are the hero that we don't deserve :3
I plan on donating a bit when I'm not suuper broke >.<"
Right now PureRef is not really optimized for large images and if we would add support for these file types it would possibly be too slow to load them for it to be very helpful to you but we're looking into adding support for more file formats so we'll see what we can do!

In the settings you can select to downscale images larger than a configurable size and if you would export them after that they would be saved in the downscaled size.

The exporter unfortunately can't order the images by position in the scene right now but that is something we should be able to improve in the future.

Thanks for the suggestions!
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