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I get to use PureRef with 3D modeling a lot,it very versatile!
In some cases I need to switch and use "Transparent on mouse" for fast corrections - overlay on top of the geometry.

But it is kind of slow + I think there is a bug? :/
The mini icons from the taskbar didn't appear every time? I have to click - minimize -maximize few time in order they to appear?

So I was thinking about some macro button that switch ON/OFF "Transparent on mouse" mode in some very fast way!

Here is the idea

This button as a option from the Settings will be of great help!
Thank you!
nevermind :D after 2 day I figure it that the keyboard control works just as fast... Great app love it!

the only thing is that bug in the taskbar not showing the mini icons...kind of a pain for new users...
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Thanks for notifying us about this issue, we'll look into it!

If you want to make it even faster you can assign a system global shortcut for it in the keybinder by changing the context drop down to "System Global". The shortcut will then work even if PureRef doesn't have focus. Just make sure it doesn't conflict with any other shortcuts in other applications.
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