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Hello there,

I would like to suggest to implement a presentation mode.
My use of this awesome tool goes beyond the use as a reference tool. Especially for my scientific work, where I often have to jump back and forth between layout plans and field records, the program has proven to be very helpful! Now I would like to use it for my presentations as well, where often plans and pictures have to be zoomed in. Therefore a mode for easy presentation of several pictures and compilations would be fantastic!

I imagine the mode to be very simple:
Once all pictures have been imported and placed, you choose your starting position, click on the corresponding tool and assign the first "waypoint" (e.g. simply "no. 01"), repeat this with all other views until the end of your presentation and finish it.
In the presentation mode, the order of the views is scrolled with clicks, e.g. as with PowerPoint. (At least for me there is no equirement for fancy animations.)
But you should always have the possibility to zoom in and out.

Last but not least I would like to praise this brilliant program once again. I have already recommended PurRef to my colleagues and they were also enthusiastic about it!

Best regards,
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Do you see it as a function similar to "Focus Next Image" except that the waypoints are user configurable?

Glad to hear you like PureRef and thanks for spreading the word!
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Yes, exactly!

It would be enough if one could insert "empty frames" around the scenes you want to navigate to. So you can give those frames numbers which the "Focus Next Image"-Function then follows.
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Alright, yeah that could be a useful feature. We'll see what we can do for future versions of PureRef, can't promise anything but we'll keep it in mind!

Thank you for the suggestion!

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