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Saving a PureRef scene takes forever (1 hour) at the moment when working with tons of images. I would love the program to just load in the scene, and then decide which images to load in. This means that images would have to be divided by the user into groups.

For example:
New Scene
Put images in Scene
User divides images into groups (lets say 4 groups of 50 images)
Save scene

Then next time, you Load the scene
Scene is loaded quite quickly with no images shown
Then decide to load in group 1, takes some time to load,
Then save, only changes are saved in group 1, because the other groups have not be changed / opened.

Do you mean that you would like to be able to reference .pur files as sub-scenes in another .pur or should everything still just be one save file?

A workaround if you have issues with this could be to use multiple instances of PureRef and split your scenes into more files. If you want multiple PureRef instances with different settings this is possible to do with the command line argument -s to specify the location of the settings file for that instance.
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