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I do get a lot of PDF briefings and mood boards. I think having a direct conversion to images by simply dragging a pdf onto Pureref would be a dream come true.

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PDF is a bit more complicated to import but we'll see what we can do for future versions of PureRef!
Oh, thanks for taking it into consideration.
another vote for PDF support :-)
Yes, PDF it will be a good improvement as it all companies works with PDF now a days.
it would be very nice to have PDF support
Please consider support for .pdf and .svg, and maybe even other filetypes, this would make the programm more usefull for more people. Having an handle to see their (combined) references on top of the programme they work with.

With support for .svg it could be an extansion for Inkscape, where you could even think of the stickeyness to a (Inkscape) window i read about in the suggestions
This would be extremely useful in architectural offices! I'm hanging out for this update :)
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