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as much as this is awesome for what it is intended for, however i use it for text, i find it amazing to be able to construct a story and add ideas very fluidly between parts, my suggestions are :

- if this was cloud based, i would be able to work on it with other team members specially for brain storming.

-more control over text, it would be very helpful if i can have things in bold, chose to have a border around my notes etc...

- i don't know how this would be implemented maybe a tool box, it would be great if i can add arrows, and lines.

- being able to create an index based on where i am on the bored. maybe a short cut that can add a title to the index, so when i am floating randomly, i can click on the title in the index and it will take me to where i was when i took it ( based on how much i am zoomed, and where i am on the bored)

in short, i want this to be a better version of a white bored.
thank you for a great product !
The notes in PureRef are definitely something we want to improve in future versions, and when we do we'll keep your suggestions in mind! Cloud based editing is a big step to take but it would indeed be very useful.

Thanks for the suggestions!
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