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Let's say you have a huge scene with all kinds of images. You have things you want to mark in each image, maybe characters for example. You have three characters that regularly appear in most images, sometimes together, sometimes alone, and you want to easily find which images contain which character.

So yeah... tagging. Would be awesome if that would be a functionality in the future, to be able to look for specific things in images using your own keywords. This would work differently compared to the folders/tabs/groups suggestion I recently added, the tags would work independently from groups and work "cross group".

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How would you want to use them? A shortcut to quickly search in them and then move the camera to the selected one?
What I imagined would be a small sub menu, where you can create and maintain a list of tags. These tags can then be used for the images. Then, let's say you press CTRL+F like you would do to search in any program, and there you have a list of all the tags, with a checkbox next to each tag. If you select a tag or more, all the images that belong to that tag (or tags) will be highlighted. At least that's how I imagined it. You could also just list all images that belong to a certain tag like you suggested.
Being able to add tags or labels to images would be great, however I much prefer the program to be able to handle better with lots of images or just being able to decrease image size/quality and with that the file size.
A bit off topic but you can set a size limit in the settings if you want imported images to be downscaled automatically. It is called "Auto downscale large images". Take care though that it doesn't work well at the moment with linked images.
Love this tool! Thank you for making it :D

Before using this I was using Google Keep and I really like the tagging. Tagging would be a fantastic addition to PureRef!
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