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Simple suggestion: PureRef should check if the image you're pasting already exists on the scene.

Sometimes I find myself accidentally adding the same exact image to a huge scene (500+ images) and I don't notice immediately. It would be handy if PureRef would warn me if I paste the same image again, maybe by simply checking the first few bytes of each image on the scene, looking for an exact match in bytes.

Not really that high on my personal PureRef wishlist, but it would help me a bit.
Posts: 30
Damn, I thought nobody suggested it before, but I just happened to stumble over a similar topic...


I swear, I looked first before I posted this suggestion, but the search function didn't bring that topic up when I typed "duplicate", no idea why. I guess the missing "s" was critical, but in that case, the search function here is kinda bad...
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+1 One more vote for this feature!
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