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In my PureRef scene, I usually have all my images in one place, but I sort them by placing them on different parts of the plane. For example, all environmental images are at the bottom left, the bottom right is reserved for reference images for character a, the upper right for character b, etc.

I thought it would be awesome if we could have folders and/or tabs for each PureRef file, so you can better separate many different kinds of images, without creating different PureRef files for each type of image.

Tabs, I think, are self explanatory. You have one PureRef file, which can have multiple different scenes in the form of tabs, so you can switch between environmental art, character art, weapon concepts, whatever you have.

Folders on the other hand would work like this: they can be placed anywhere on the plane and when you move images onto them, they are added into the folder, obviously. If you double click the folder, you open the contents of the folder in what is basically another PureRef scene within another PureRef scene. Maybe instead of the boring folder icon, you can select which part of the nested scene you want to be shown as the preview icon of the folder. Could be a box with a lighter tone of gray to show which part is the preview for the folder. Maybe you can even add folders into other folders?

I don't know how much a feature like that would be wanted, I just thought I'd throw that out there.
We have talked a little bit about having groups of images that could be folded and when folded those images would be unloaded from memory. Would that be a good solution for you?

Thanks for the suggestion!
It depends on how it would work exactly. Are those images permanently grouped with the other images? Or is that a temporary selection type deal, where you select the images and only THEN you fold them? If it's the former, that would be great! If I could put a bunch of images in a group and have them all hidden at once, that would be nice, as long as I can keep them separate from the rest of the images.
It would be a permanent group yeah, with options for a title label and background color.
In that case, yeah, sounds awesome!
Hi, any updates on this? This would be great to have
Thanks for the work until now. Are there any updates on this feature?
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